• Maps

    Maps investigates touch-based interaction for browsing large music collections via a Kohonen self-organizing map. Users can explore the characteristics of electronic dance music (or any other music) based on spectral and temporal feature analysis. In 2009, Maps was awarded Best Poster Presentation at the International Conference for Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR). Maps was made in collaboration with Owen Vallis, Dimitri Diakopoulos, and Jim Murphy. More information can be found in the paper here.
  • Hyper-pedagogy

    Music education is a rich subject with many approaches and methodologies that have developed over hundreds of years. More than ever, technology plays important roles at many levels of a musician’s practice. The Hyper-pedagogy project begins to explore some of the ways in which sensor-modified instruments and multimodal analysis, can inform a musician’s daily practice, through short and long term metrics tracking and data visualization.