• Tammy

    At six feet tall, Tammy is physically the largest robot in the Machine Orchestra. The name Tammy is derived from the initials of the first names of the robotic-design class’s teachers: Trimpin, Ajay Kapur, and Michael Darling. Tammy was built as a cooperative project between three groups of students, each designing an instrument attached to its spine-like frame. Together with Owen Vallis I created Tammy's marimba spine, a single-octave pentatonic marimba hand-crafted from Honduran rosewood and struck from the anterior side by push solenoids. Tammy also features a plucked-string instrument, and five found-object bells, and was created with Michael Darling, Ajay Kapur, Jim Murphy, Carl Burgin, Owen Vallis, and Steve Rusch. More information here.