• Tammy (2009)

    At six feet tall, Tammy is physically the largest robot in the Machine Orchestra. The name Tammy is derived from the initials of the first names of the robotic-design class’s teachers: Trimpin, Ajay Kapur, and Michael Darling. Tammy was built as a cooperative project between three groups of students, each designing an instrument attached to its spine-like frame. Together with Owen Vallis I created Tammy's marimba spine, a single-octave pentatonic marimba hand-crafted from Honduran rosewood and struck from the anterior side by push solenoids. Tammy also features a plucked-string instrument, and five found-object bells, and was created with Michael Darling, Ajay Kapur, Jim Murphy, Carl Burgin, Owen Vallis, and Steve Rusch. More information here.